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All products are made in small batches (by me!) at my home in the Leslieville/Beaches area, Toronto.

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My name is Jazmine Stinson, founder of Little Tree Wellness & Apothecary. I am a Clinical Herbalist (RH) and Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) with a particular interest in women’s reproductive health, birthing and babies.

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BEAUTIFUL BABY GIFT BOX – Comforting and Nourishing Products for Babies


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Beautiful Baby Gift Box

It’s everything you need... all in one bundle! Want to make a new Mama really happy? The Beautiful Baby Gift Box also makes a wonderful gift. I’ll wrap it and send for you, too.


Soothing Baby Powder

Talc Free, with Lavender, Chamomile & Calendula, this herbal baby powder helps soothe and prevent diaper rash.

  • Kaolin clay and aloe vera powder nourish and soften skin
  • Can also use as foot powder & dry shampoo on lighter hair colours

Purchase Separately: $7.50 35 g MORE DETAILS

Beautiful Baby Oil

Lightly scented with baby-friendly Roman chamomile & organic lavender essential oils. Gentle enough to use directly on baby’s skin for massage or in the bath to help calm and soothe.

  • Apricot oil is sweet smelling, rich in vitamins A & E and EFAs, absorbs easily, improves skin texture & health
  • Infused with organic skin soothing flowers calendula, chamomile & lavender
  • Can also be used during labour and birth for perineum massage and as a moisturizing face and hair serum
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothing, calming, anti-bacterial and balancing

Purchase Separately: $15 50 ml (1.8 oz) MORE DETAILS

Happy Lil' Cheeks

Soothes diaper rash & skin irritations. This multi-purposed green skin salve is also great for itch relief from insect bites and stings, eczema + it reduces inflammation & redness and nourishes dry, cracked skin.

  • Infused with organic comfrey, calendula, burdock, chickweed, chamomile, St. John’s wort & plantain
  • Natural scent of Canadian beeswax and organic Shea butter

Purchase Separately: $24 50 g (2 oz) MORE DETAILS

Baby Be Fresh Spray

Moisturizing, cooling, antimicrobial and gentle cleansing spray, perfect for baby’s sensitive skin + helps prevent diaper rash!Use with washcloth during diaper changes to cleanse dirty bums or as a hand cleanser.

  • Made with organic tea tree & lavender essential oils
  • Aloe juice contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene

Purchase Separately: $14 110 ml (4 oz) MORE DETAILS


I have all these products in stock now, freshly made!

NEW MAMA GIFT BOX - Comforting and Healing Products for the New Mama


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New Mama Gift Box

One bundle with everything a New Mama needs to take care of and comfort her body. Want to make a new Mama really happy? I’ll wrap this gift box up for you and send it, too.


Nipple Nourish Salve w/ Olive Oil

Beautiful organic blend of soothing and nourishing herbs, plant butters and oils perfect for sore nipples caused by breastfeeding. Apply after breastfeeding, safe for nursing babies. Also great for dry lips & hands.

  • Infused with organic skin soothing flowers calendula, chamomile & lavender
  • All ingredients safe for ingestion, does not need to be wiped off before nursing
  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, softening
  • Natural sweet scent of cocoa butter

Purchase Separately: $16 25 g (1 oz) MORE DETAILS

Beautiful Belly Balm

Keeps stretching belly skin moisturized and supple, helping to prevent and reduce stretch marks during and post pregnancy. Apply to belly, breasts and thighs as desired.

  • Supports growing skin tissue & reduces appearance of stretch marks, improves collagen, softens and moisturizes
  • Infused with organic skin soothing herbs Gotu kola, lavender, chamomile & calendula
  • Rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals & protein, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory
  • Lightly scented with organic essential oils of chamomile, lavender and sweet orange

Can be used during and after pregnancy

Purchase Separately: $24 50 g (2 oz) DIRECTIONS FOR USE

After Birth Arnica Massage Oil

Massage into sore and aching muscle tissue as needed. Made with the organic essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint, this massage oil provides balancing, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, cooling, uplifting, anti-microbial and refreshing properties.

  • Infused with Arnica flowers and organic St. John’s wort which help sooth nerve, muscle and deep tissue pain
  • Herbs infused in organic sunflower oil which is rich in antioxidant vitamin E, revitalizes skin & speeds up tissue repair

Purchase Separately: $26 110 ml (4 oz) DIRECTIONS FOR USE

Postpartum Herbal Bath

Provides comfort and relief to new moms that have just given birth who may have sensitive, stretched or torn perineum. Comfrey, calendula and lavender help reduce inflammation and discomfort, speed recovery and soothe skin tissue. 

  • 100% organic herbs, external use only
  • Helps soothe & repair perineal tissue after birth while aiding in preventing and treating infection
  • Is anti-inflammatory, strengthens tissues, reduces discomfort & promotes healing
  • Excellent for baths, compresses & peri-rinses
  • Fragrant blend of comfrey, calendula, yarrow, uva ursi, sage & lavender
  • Yarrow and uva ursi help tighten tissue and support urinary health and along with sage, help ward off infection

Purchase Separately: $18 70 g (4+ Baths) DIRECTIONS FOR USE


I have all these products in stock now, freshly made!

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